AIR FORCE 1 LOW RETRO "Colour of the Month"

Don't worry if you don't have a favorite color. The original "Color of the Month" series, created in 1984, may have saved Air Force 1 from extinction. The original "Color of the Month" model from 1984 may have saved Air Force 1 from the brink of extinction. When Air Force 1 was first introduced, a reissue was undecided. But with sales flying off the shelves at Baltimore sports stores, the Air Force 1 was destined to become synonymous with street fashion and culture. The stores then asked for the ability to customize the color in order to sell it in stores, and you know how that went. Clad in a crisp triple white material similar to the original, this model comes with a toothbrush for cleaning the shoes. Every time you wear shoes that exemplify the popular off-court style, you will want to think of the Baltimore shopkeeper who had the foresight to take a piece of history.⁠