Beams x Crocs

BEAMS and Crocs follow on from 2020’s stellar collaborative effort that brought fishing vests and COBRA buckles onto the slip-ons, and it elevates massively from its 2019 drop that added fanny packs, fringes and sun visors to the OG clog. This time around, BEAMS takes an outdoor, military-esque approach, equipping the Classic All Terrain Clog with tactical hardware and functional elements all around.

BEAMS is a prominent Japanese contemporary fashion chain and label based in Tokyo, Japan, in 1976. In the course of growth, BEAMS earned a reputation for itself in cross-brand collaborations. This time BEAMS and Crocs continuously launched the fourth bomb series. 

Inspired by the elements of "military" and "outdoor"

Broken into two groups: “OUTDOOR” and “MILITARY,” the pairs come in colorways including olive, black, and gray. For the “OUTDOOR” pairs, BEAMS adds a pocket reminiscent of mountain parkas and fishing vests alongside a fabric covering, netting, and even a carabiner-encompassing strap.

The “MILITARY” look offers webbing straps on the vamp that can be used to secure the oversized pouch in place on the front of your foot, and is said to be a nod to helmet bags and MA-1 bomber jackets. Not much else is going on with these two, only that the olive colorway adds signature military touches in the form of bright orange hits all around, black webbing straps and buckles, and it does a better job at highlighting the dual branding on the sidewall.