Salomon x Copson

“Surrounded by earthly splendour, may we slow down and relish in beauty and pleasure”

Historically associated with winter sports and Alpine heritage, French sports brand Salomon have partnered with Copson to imbue its latest running shoe with a touch of the London/Calabrian creative team’s endless summer essence.

The ULTRA RAID combines an original silhouette with all the benefits of Salomon’s modern technological innovations with a summer aesthetic. Building a bridge between the old and new to create something, for now, is a tenet that unites both brands. In recent years Copson has been immersed in the beginnings of a long-term project to regenerate the dying Calabrian village that is home to the family of founder Maria Falbo. The Tempo Allegro campaign was shot in and around the Southern Italian location as a nod to this credo. 

Copson’s take on the silhouette re-fashions the shoe for the Calabrian way of life, in light, warm-weather shades with vivid Negroni-red accents and cushioning. All of the ULTRA RAID’s original comfort-enhancing features remain consistent, with lightweight, transparent mesh uppers and All-Terrain Contagrip helping the wearer achieve the ultimate runner’s high. The energy foam insert is soft and responsive and the comfy ultra trail-running midsole is designed to go the distance. Ideal for long summer strolls and explorations. The shoe is finished with the message ‘Tempo Allegro’ stamped across the tongue in Copson’s signature sans serif font

A musical term meaning a quick and bright pace, ‘Tempo Allegro’ was the philosophical starting point of the collaboration. The root of the Italian word indicates a lively, spirited mood. This frame of mind mirrors the intentions at the heart of the partnership – to champion running as a means to live life to the fullest.

Shot by the Copson creative team with a typically timeless aesthetic. The images are filled with soul balm, from the raw beauty of the outdoors to the dual joys of community and solitude. Exploring the way the feeling of runner’s bliss spills out into every facet of being, Tempo Allegro celebrates running’s ability to keep us in the moment and encourages us to take time to play.