The shop name "atmos" is derived from the word "atmosphere", with the meaning that this shop belongs everywhere, like the atmosphere. The first atmos shop opened in Harajuku, Tokyo in 2000, combining fashion with sneakers as the focal point, displaying a sneaker wall in the shop. With the start of collaborations with other brands and the creation of exclusive models being developed, atmos has reached out to the world in hopes of sharing Tokyo's sneaker culture.

Its curated selection boasts rare finds and exclusive collaborations with brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan, New Balance, Converse, Asics, Puma, Vans, and others, often showcasing distinctive animal prints. These releases garner fervent anticipation among collectors and enthusiasts, cementing atmos' status as an arbiter of style and innovation.

In 2020, atmos expanded its footprint to Jakarta, Indonesia, with the opening of a flagship store in Plaza Indonesia Mall. Anchored by its passion for sneakers, the store offers a curated range of limited-edition styles alongside apparel and accessories. Follow atmos for updates on exclusive releases, store openings, and special events.