Vans Asia City Pack

The VANS "Asia City Pack" is inspired by cuisines some of the best in the Orient has to offer, from cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Changsa. With this theme, this collection builds upon for future packs yet to be cultural landscape of food culture.

Five pairs are subsumed into the pack shared between classics and contemporary models. The era features a completely pink upper and checkered midsole, inspired by the vibrant colors found in Asia's iconic desserts; the Skate Mid showcases a textured design reminiscent of charcoal-grilled dishes; the Slip-On maintains the brand's signature checkered pattern and takes inspiration from the famous Dalgona dessert from Korea (or Macau); the Knu School is designed in a black and white style, resembling the Onigiri; and the Old Skool is dressed in an off-white color, drawing inspiration from the cooked street snacks found in various locations.