adidas Originals for atmos "G-SNK" / "R-SNK"


In 2020, adidas and atmos created their first collaboration using the classic model Superstar. Since that release, 9 other colorway have been released grabbing the hearts of sneakerheads worldwide. Previously representing a large snake that wonders the night. This time a white and black snake are introduced, GSNK with glow-in-the-dark and RSNK that uses reflective materials, 2 models characterised by a two-sided appearance that shows different facial expressions of day and night. A new image was created, using a different snake pattern from the past collaborations. Along with the shoes, apparel is also brought into the picture. Using the adidas Original trefoil logo and the bold snake pattern, a dynamic design is brought together. 2020 not only celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Superstar, but also atmos ’20th anniversary as well, the new snake pattern is used to symbolise just that. 

The name derived from adidas and atmos bespoke name “G-SNK” is “RSNK”. The “R” in “RSNK” represents the word reflective. Noted for the entire upper with a motif of a snake that lurk in the dark at night and scales that glow. One tone of black with reflector material creating a pair that stands out from the rest. When the light hits, different expression are shown.

adidas Superstar "R-SNK"
Core Black
EUR 36 - 44


The model wearing the bespoke name “G-SNK” of adidas and atmos "Superstar" to celebrates its 50th anniversarythis year. Superstar for atmos G-SNK 10th instalment. Different from the bespoke snake pattern that has been issued in the past, a new version was adopted. The three-dimensional scale seems to be insist on the restoration of G-SNK. This is the first time that Superstar II model is used.

adidas Superstar "G-SNK"
Off White
EUR 36 - 44

The newest chapter to atmos and adidas “G-SNK” collection. These 2 pairs of shoe are not only a must for sneakerheads, but also recommended for those people who have never wore a superstar before.