adidas Sean Wotherspoon / super earth

With the aim of reducing plastic waste, this model took on a new approach with Wotherspoon.
Every aspect of the shoe has been redesigned, from the upper to the outsole.
By improving the efficiency of patterns and using recycled rubber, we can reduce the amount of waste generated in the manufacturing process.
The result is a vegan sneaker that does not use any animal ingredients.
Wotherspoon explains the importance of vegan first design: "People know that I'm vegan, and that's my own foundation. Adidas was interested in that attitude, so I decided to use vegan material. I was able to complete this footwear I used. "
Decorated with floral drawings sketched by Wotherspoon. By making the
embroidery thread stand out impressively, t
he classic iconic shoes have been
updated with rich expression.
100% recycled polyester is used for the upper and lining. Ortholite material is
used for the sockliner, and the insole is the most renewable on the planet.
We use cork, which is one of the environmentally friendly resources. The
rubber of the outsole is 
mainly composed of natural rubber collected from
wood, and 10% is waste rubber.

90% use sustainable natural rubber. SUPER EARTH emblem is placed on the
tongue and heel. T
he hand-painted flower of the Wotherspoon has a distinctive
design with illustrations.
Sean Wotherspoon

Based in Los Angeles, he is active as a designer, curator, collector and vintage
Known for its unique materials and colors, the Wotherspoon is an avid vegan.
He is also one of the co-founders of the vintage store "Round Two".
 currently have stores in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami and Richmond.

adidas x Sean Wotherspoon
UK 7 - 11
IDR 1.900.000