M5740AT “Beachside”

Inspiration from the New Balance icon "574" born in the 80's and the wavy design of the 90's
By shifting to the present age, the next-generation sneaker "57/40 (Fifty Seven / Forty)" is born.
The upper is faithful to the iconic 574 design DNA, yet has a distinctive presence.
Like the "327" that was born by rebuilding the New Balance icon model in 2020 and updating it in a modern way.
Following the trend of oversized N logo design, "57/40" with a fresh design and comfortable wearing is the most focused model of 2021 New Balance.
In the work, based on the concept of "Beachside = beach", the beige color that imaged a sandy beach is used as the base color, and the light blue that represents the swaying water surface is added.
And the scene where the blue sky at dusk and the setting sun intersect is expressed with a colorful tie-dye pattern. The clear yellow of the brilliant sun is used for each reinforcement.
In a design that allows you to see a new side of atmos bespoke, which incorporates the "shadows" and "brilliance" associated with the scene into a pair of shoes.


M5740AT “Beachside”

US 6.5 - US 11
IDR 1.999.000