atmos x One Piece

The nationally popular masterpiece manga "ONE PIECE" and "ATMOS" collaborated to release original T-shirts. The series started in 1997, and this year marks 25 years since its serialization, and the epic story is now moving toward its climax. One Piece" and "ATMOS" have teamed up to develop a special edition T-shirt. The lineup features Luffy, Law, and Kid from the "Worst Generation" who played a major role in the One Piece Arc. These playful printed T-shirts, which are typical of the "ATMOS" brand, feature an arrangement with original graphics and each character's sneakers with a motif of their devil's fruit. In addition, the pirate flags of the Straw Hat Pirates, Heart Pirates, and Kid Pirates are designed on the "o" of "ATMOS," and the box logo is decorated with the arrangement book, also newly drawn by the author.