havaianas Tradi Zori Pack


Havaianas, the Brazilian flip flop and sandal brand introduces the reinvention of its classic silhouette, TradiZori.
In 1962, inspired by the Japanese sandal known as Zori which has soles made of rice straw, Havaianas invented the world’s best-selling flip flop, known as The Tradicional, by changing the sole to a resistant rubber material that could adapt to Brazil’s warm climate and beaches.
Now, almost 60 years later, Havaianas has tapped into its roots to release a new and innovative, unisex silhouette - the TradiZori.
A play off of the original Havaianas Tradicional style and the Japanese Zori sandals, the TradiZori merges designs from two diverse cultures to offer a flip flop that can live beyond the beach and cater to the fashion-forward, urban consumer. Featuring a unique, square-shaped silhouette, the TradiZori boasts a triple-layer EVA and rubber sole and fabric strap that provides superior, all-day comfort and increased stability.
“TradiZori represents the future of Havaianas. We’re challenging the idea that flip flops are just for the beach and igniting a change in perception, While paying homage to the brand’s heritage, this new silhouette is a drastic departure from Havaianas’ classic styles and really introduces a new form of cultural expression.”
Fernanda Romano, Global Marketing Direction at Havaianas.

"The creative process started during a trip to Japan where I saw several people wearing Zoris with traditional kimonos in the middle of Tokyo. Considering Havaianas’ origin and organic link to Japanese culture, I was immediately inspired to recreate the Zori for the brand and bring the concept to other major urban cities around the world. TradiZori is a true reimagination of the category"
Leonardo Boin Fujisaka - Shapes & Footwear Design Manager at Havaianas.



Havaianas Tradi Zori
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