Leicester City Football Club and Atmos have teamed up to release the “Fearless” collection. This collection seeks to promote eco-friendly practices and sustainability. As an alternative use of chemical for fabric dye, products in this collection were designed and produced using sustainable manufacturing technique which originates from Thailand.



As we near the end of another eventful year, we'll be closing out this year with our latest special collection “Fearless”. With the unique design in this collection that unifies the signature of LCFC and the streetwear leading brand like atmos together. In this collaboration, the special dyeing technique was also used to support sustainability trends to accommodate a new generation fan. Dye colors, produced from all plant-based local resources from regions around Thailand, used to make our natural tie-dyed T-shirts. 

T-shirts were passing through a complex natural dying technique for several times in order to get the colors that match our design. Meaning that every piece is unique and hand crafted. This collection includes 3 different colors natural tie-dyed T-shirts in which each color was produced by different local community in Thailand. We have an intention to elevate Thais wisdom to a bigger scale. From a "cottage industry" to a "handicraft industry" We want to bring our eco-friendly practice with a remarkable quality from a small community to a global event.